Christian Life is a Non-denominational Christian Church located in Rantoul, IL. A gathering of people where their common goal is to worship Jesus.





Web Development. Website Maintenance


Special Features and Services:


  • Live Streaming for their services.
  • Archives of their latest and previous messages.
  • Links to other helpful resources in their Resources Page
  • An online form to fill out when you plan to visit them.
  • Giving Page for a secure online giving.

The Challenge

They needed a website for their members to visit and be updated for the latest sermon, events, and blog posts.
A platform where people can watch their services online - in real time.
Build an online presence for their church and community-members.

The Solution

We've built them a church website to keep their members updated with the latest in their church's activities and sermons.
We've added a live stream service for them where they can watch their services online during their service times.
Showcased their church events, outreaches, leadership, and beliefs in one place online.

The Result

They have met the challenge of creating an interactive church website, they have provided a platform for members to access the latest sermons, events, and blog posts, alongside a live stream service for real-time online viewing during service hours.

Our solution showcases the church’s events, outreach efforts, leadership, and beliefs, fostering an enhanced online presence for the church and its community.

Our Unique Process

We have our own unique approach to every project we put our hands to.
We call it the And Studio’s 6Ds.


We worked closely with Christian.Life to understand their goals, aspirations, and the unique essence of their church and what they want to accomplish.


We built a custom, responsive website that works seamlessly across devices and browsers, ensuring an optimal user experience for their visitors.



Our team conducted user persona analysis, user journey mapping, and competitive analysis to identify opportunities and challenges that will inform our design and development decisions.


In this stage, we handled the technical aspects of deploying their website, including training their team on how to update it and other server deployment tasks.


During this phase, we had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on design mockups, wireframes, and prototypes. We refined every detail to ensure we are aligned with their vision.


Our team continues to monitor and optimize their website’s performance. We also conduct regular updates, security patches, and performance optimizations to keep their website running smoothly.

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