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Careers at And Studio: Where innovation meets creativity in the vibrant world of digital marketing!

Welcome to And Studio

We are a fast-growing and innovative company, founded on the principle of bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. And Studio was established in 2014 with the vision of embracing possibilities and big dreams. Our name reflects our philosophy: we are all about “Yes AND Both.”

We are looking for someone who is excited about being part of a project from start to finish and who can also bring project management skills to our team. If our values resonate with you and you’re looking for a long-term collaboration, we would love to hear from you!

Why Work With Us?

We believe in fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Our team is our greatest asset, and we are committed to providing every employee with the opportunity to thrive. Below is our core belief. We hope to provide you a glimpse of what it’s like to work with us. 

Start Small. Dream Big

We believe in the power of small beginnings leading to great achievements.

Living LIVE

We value integrity and authenticity in every aspect of life embracing transparency and honesty in our decisions.

Prioritize People Over Projects

We cherish people and their contributions above all else. We strive to create a culture where everyone feels valued.

Make it Count

We focus on what truly matters. ensuring our actions align with our core values and drive meaningful impact.

Find a Way & TEA (Test Every Assumption)

We believe in persistence and continuous improvement, always challenging the status quo to be able to serve better.


Unity, Speed, Ownership, Passion, Grace/Flexibility, Generosity. sjascjanclkjanlckjanlskcmlaksmclaksmcakscm

Practice What We Preach

We use our own products and follow our own advice (a.k.a. “We eat our own dog food.”)

Clarity is Everything

We are committed to make our communications clear and precise.

Life At And Studio

At And Studio, we believe that our environment plays a crucial role in our creativity and productivity. Since we are a Remote-First team, here’s a glimpse into what it’s like to be a part of our team:

Dynamic Work Culture

Our company thrives on creativity and collaboration. With an open office layout and team-based projects, we encourage free-flowing communication and the exchange of ideas across all levels of the company. Weekly brainstorming sessions, quarterly team evaluations, and regular feedback loops ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Professional Growth

We are deeply committed to the professional development of each team member. And Studio offers training programs, access to industry courses, and regular 1:1 coaching aimed at enhancing your skills and keeping you at the forefront of digital marketing trends.

Work-Life Balance

We understand the importance of a balanced life. And Studio supports this with good working hours from home, observing holidays, and a generous leave policy.

Community and Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community is integral to our ethos. We engage in various community service initiatives and encourage our team to contribute to causes they are passionate about by offering our services to non-profit organizations and be generous with them – being true to one of our Christian values – GENEROSITY!

Perks and Bonuses

In addition to competitive salaries, we also offer generous bonuses to those who perform exceptionally well and add value to our clients.

Available Positions

Whether you’re a strategist, a creative, or a tech whiz, you’ll find a place to grow, challenges to conquer, and a culture that nurtures your professional and personal development here at And Studio. Join us if you’re ready to be part of a team that values bold ideas, professional growth, and a balance between work and life. With us, your career trajectory is bound only by your passion and creativity. Let’s make marketing magic together!

Full Stack Developer

We are on the lookout for a talented Full Stack Developer or WordPress Developer with a knack for working with APIs, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Social Media Manager

We are seeking a creative and strategic Social Media Manager who excels in crafting engaging content and managing social media platforms. 

Got Questions?

You may reach out to us by filling out the form provided or through the contact information below

Rantoul, Illinois