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The New Year is upon us so I decided to ring it in by learning a new skill: hand lettering. Why hand lettering, you ask? While most lettering can most definitely be created on a computer with a program like Photoshop, hand lettering introduces an undeniable human element to creation. The slightly imperfect nature of hand-drawn letters elicits a particular air of authenticity, rawness, and realness that can become lost in the digital world. I read the other day that consumers are actually preferring reality models to photoshopped models, which further proves my point.

I’d like to give some shout outs as some of my awesome family members gave me the tools I needed to create this little piece this past Christmas.

Here is the final product:

There are some special people (current clients of And Studio and other’s who have been instrumental in And Studio’s success) that will or should have received this as a card in the mail as a thank you for being awesome! If you’re interested in the process of how it was created, I’ve laid it out as a picture gallery above, enjoy!