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Recently, while finishing up the rebranding design process for And Studio, I had a great idea to take the same colors we were using in the logo for Pinterest.

Instead of having just an example of what’s in the board (which others can already see in the smaller thumbnails) why not create an added benefit to following you? Why not make it easy to know what board they are following by making the title of the board stick out?

Thus “Custom Branding for Pinterest Cover Photos” was born! Since I haven’t seen anyone else do this yet, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the first to think and implement this branding concept.

Not only will we show what we’re doing over on our Pinterest page, but we will give away the photoshop document that we used to create these down below!

If you have a logo, I recommend putting that as the first cover photo and then put your business’s main communications, products, or services in there.

After you have downloaded the photoshop file to create the cover photos, simply upload them to your Pinterest boards or add them to a web page and link to them on Pinterest!

Here’s the link to download your Custom Pinterest Cover Photo