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Custom Branding For Pinterest Cover Photos

Recently, while finishing up the rebranding design process for And Studio, I had a great idea to take the same colors we were using in the logo for Pinterest. Instead of having just an example of what’s in the board (which others can already see in the smaller thumbnails) why not create an added benefit…

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Facing the Giants

We all have giants in our lives that we need to conquer. Most of the time, your biggest giant of all ends up being: You. Recently, we created a graphic to illustrate the concept of dealing with issues in your life. Concept: The main idea I had was this concept of someone walking into a…

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Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us so I decided to ring it in by learning a new skill: hand lettering. Why hand lettering, you ask? While most lettering can most definitely be created on a computer with a program like Photoshop, hand lettering introduces an undeniable human element to creation. The slightly imperfect nature of…

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